It's bass, not base


Well, the word derives from Italian “basso”, which does sound more similar to “bass” than “base”.

I always thought “drum’n’bass” sounded catchier than “drum’n’base”.

Your right… It’s Bass, like the Alto, like Soprano, like Tenor.

But there is a lot of people doing music with only the base… A few notes and few timbre…

And when I was playing bass and some guy was telling me I’m playing the “base” I was replying that I play the base in terms of pitch (the lowests notes) on which other musician will build the harmony and melody… I’m a “bassman” not a “baseman”

: )

One of those English words that every non-native speaker initially mispronounces, I think. Still doesn’t make any sense to me.

All your bass…

sample this, loop it, add random hardstyle track… quick way to educate the kids :wink:

Ass Of Bass.