It's Here! The Happy-hardcore Compo

my track has gone completely out of hand and has nothing to do with authentic 90’s rave.
it’s 180bpm, it’s oldskool and it’s xtc-friendly, but its intensity is a few levels too high…

sounds like you tried to made cheese but ended up with something good… :lol:

wait waiiit !
work in progress with help of friends, pots and beers.

Finally done o_o’

can we hear the tunes then!?


Now that I’ve heard the track I made yesterday I realized that it’s not hardcore, it’s not really happy either …
I tried to make something that sounds like 90’s but end up with something strange (as always…) but not really 90’s … next time I’ll try to begin earlier than 2 hours before the end of the competition …

Anyway that was a good challenge and an original idea, thanx happy milkshake man! Now I’m curious to hear the tracks !

Does anyone else apart happy milkshake man, BotB, genfu and myself has made something ???

I created sumthin. Hope Happy comez back soon :)

ok…extended to 12th Jully, not enough tunes to make a proper competition out of it lol.

Nice, that means I still have time to make an actual oldskool track. Fanx on behalf of the lazy folk! Sorry to those who WERE on time ;)

yeah that’s ok

but like, you’re from Holland so you should be making hardcore 24/7 :D

At times, I break my core a bit too hard :confused:

hmm. so 12th has passed. im guessing anyone who is going to do this has done so now, so maybe we can hear the tunes?

Happy Birthday happy_milkshake_man.

Ok so anything whatsoever happening here?

er if nothings happening with this in terms of it being a competition 'cause there aren’t enough entries or whatever why dont we just link to the tracks we did; - i’d really like to hear what everyone came up with even if there is only two or three of us


So? Where’s the happy hardcore-stuff?!

Mine is here, as I know this compo is over anyways.

lol nice…

yeah posted mine here a while ago:…_dude_final.mp3

oh this lol! yeah basically i only had about 3 entries. nevermind… ill check out these tunes for enjoyment!

Unhappy Hardcore.