It's meeeee????

:o (It’s my face now)




:lol: <Thanx for best guess of the year award (How much money is it?)

:rolleyes: <I don’t have words to say… I’m touched by this christmax gift. Thanx

PS: Let’s RockNoise :drummer: :guitar:

it’s not money but may be a T-Shirt with and atom logo.

This counts for everybody that received AWARDS - PLEASE CONTACT ME BY MAIL and tell me
1- mail address
2- t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL - european numbers, i understand US “L” is something like european “XL”)
3- shirt color (black, gray, or white).


me too? :)

Okay, you guys SERIOUSLY gotta get some Renoise gear out! I WANT SOME NOW! :D

yea zed, you too :)

ALL people that got AWARD got a T-SHIRT (but you have to mail me about size and color).

ReNoise T-Shirt is a MUST-HAVE for us computer-geeks :D

I’ll start posting floods into this forum to beat zed next year ;)

obviously you could start selling them as a good alternative :rolleyes:

Maybe a “I’m a registered Renoise user” T-shirt sold to registered users only?

or a “I’m a ReNoise user” available to everyone :P

seriously: this is a good idea IMHO.
I would buy one or two with no wait, because they support ReNoise and I also like to dress absolute geek shirts like the BlueScreen one (picture available soon :) )


i also have a bluescreen and guru-meditation one ;)

Ok, this is really off topic, but the t-shirt is cool (and it has to do with music) :)

no need for that IT… we’ll have in near future renoise shirts (and few things more) for sale so you’ll be able to get one (as well as everybody else). of course, ocassionally we’ll give them away for free as prizes etc.

Great layout on that sidstation site!

…I want a sidstation…

Damn :(


I know that site very well: I’ve already bought 2 BlueScreen (win98, boy/girl), a Guru Meditation, a 404 Error (ISS & Apache) and a Missing Picture (IE).

I’m a [i]pro geek/i B) :P

yeah, that broken image shirt is great ;)

Currently I am still ahead of you … maybe make a contest for coolest avatar :P