It's Time To Say It..

Renoise 1.5 never ever crashed on me and I use it daily with tons of vst’s for ages!! I just wanted to give this back to the devs… Just had to be said. B)

How nice…For you :D My renoise crashes on me almost daily and loading samples via my server is a pain, takes 30 secs to load the dir tree. However aside from the bugs i wouldnt have renoise any other way :P

Really? Odd I also have a server with a shared dir stuffed full of samples. It takes a bit longer when first calling the dirs but from there it’s almost instant with loading. I used to have problems if you created mapped network dirs with the hostnames in the path. Now I just punch in the ip en the shared dir. You can also edit the host file and edit that one but this is more direct.

1.5 is not crash-free for me too … sometimes, loading one song after another, Renoise plays the song but freezes … don’t know why - but in general 1.5 is as stable as 1.281 and more … good work definitively - but i’m interessted in what’s coming in the next version B)

gosh i have crashes on a daily basis too, by switching from a song to another, but i had no crashes while working on it on a song (or only because of a buggy VST). So i’m quite satisfied with it.

no crashes, it’s just pretty slow on loading stuff.
renoise takes about five times as long to load a 10MB sample when compared to wavelab, for example.
really don’t understand why renoise has to be so slow on that :unsure:

5 minutes to load 10 mb sample? :unsure: i just loaded 50 MB wav sample in 10 seconds…

PS! and i have had just a couple of crashes with 1.5 final… thats pretty good result i must say :)

EDIT: ok, i now noticed that you didnt say 5 minutes :lol: my bad… sorry

well … yeah, glad you noticed that :)
and those " five times as long " are just a vague guess - i might be exaggerating here, but it definately takes a lot longer than it does with any other application there is.

I figured out that too, as i got both a wireless card(to my router) and lan(between my puters) so i’ve started using ip instead of hostnames as hostnames would always go on the wireless for some reason. Aside from the loadtime of the samples the loadtime of the sample dirs was still as slow.

ok, not very good grammar and english above but i just got back home from work and im too whacked to fix it up :P

Any chance to get these “switching from one song to another” crash reproduceable?
If yes, let us know please so that we can take care of this. Whatever happens: Renoise should never crash, even if its because of buggy VSTs we will try to find a workaround.