do i put the saved song on my itunes after i have saved it thank u all

This is the third thread you started about this subject. Do us all a favor and reply to your original thread as this is rude and annoying. Furthermore, read the f****ing manual. (<- click here)

  1. Renoise saves files as XRNS modules. These modules are not compatible with iTunes.
  2. If you want to Render to WAV, then you will have to register, i.e. pay.
  3. Render to file (<- click here)
  4. Drag the rendered file file into iTunes.


I´m not insulted after all noone is forcing anyone to answer and its better to ask than to not ask. But ofcourse one should allways try to find basic questons in the manual and posting lots of similar questions might push other peoples questions away so sometimes writing them in the same thread might be a better option.

Well, looks like I’m banned. :ph34r:

it was quite funny to read those rules finally, but why are you banned conner ? you seem like a very reasonable guy to me … or did I miss something ?

i use offensive language regularly and have been known to flame on. :)

Alright, it seems RealTeak has a fundamental lack of understanding of computers.

RealTeak; do us all a favour and read a book, or scout around online for some of computing’s basic lessons (the fact that you can set up a user name and post on a message board, but dont understand what you claim to be ignorant about is a little suspect, but I will give you leeway)