I've Been Very Busy For A While

Remember when I said that I quit The Mercury Rising, and primarily because of the other vocalist. Well, the band got tired of his ways as well (awful off-pitch yell-singing, destroying equipment, being told they weren’t allowed back at venues if they still had the same singer, etc…) and for several months now I’ve been back in the band. Things have been going VERY well. We even got signed by a small label, although the way that’s been going, we may just grab the ProTools working files and finish mixing it ourselves and start our own label, since our practice pad has been being converted into a full-fledged studio for quite a while now–we finally got the partitions and foam we’ve been needing–we already had all the equipment we needed–they just didn’t know how to fix the computer issues they were having–now that I’m back in the band, they’re able to get all that going again.

Remember when I talked so greatly about “The Number F”? Well, I guess nobody except for one other person in the band was really ready to be a real band–they wanted to just have jams. That’s okay, because The Mercury Rising really seems to respect my musical viewpoints more than ever now, and after we get this first album released and marketed, we’re delving into more experimental waters, more odd timings, more odd progressions, more variances in styles–we’re ready to expand and become something truly great.

As you can see, I’ve changed my appearance YET AGAIN. I love my look, this mohawk has been the best thing appearance wise that I’ve ever done, to me anyway. I’ve wanted the look I have now for years–people just come up to me out of the blue to have conversations, and it often leads to me being able to plug the band a little bit.

Life has been actually halfway decent for a change :)

glad to have you back :) and I thought about getting myself a mohawk quite abit lately… I want to have one at least once in my life. (I already had dreadlocks for some time).

good to hear from you again Kizzume!

have to admit I hate your hair, but who cares :rolleyes:

Great to hear about the music. Keep it odd ;)

Hopefully in about a month and a half we’ll be really plowing into new, ODD material. :)