Jack Transport: Pattern Scheduling & Sequence Loops

  • Brief description

I was jamming in Renoise 2.8 final, linux version, under ubuntu, with jack output. now when you open the attached song, you can notice how #3 in the sequence is set to loop infinitely by the slim box button (don’t know how to call it). Until there, everything goes alright. However when renoise is playing in this sequence pos, and you schedule (left click) the last pattern, it will act like you either right clicked or double clicked, open it up right away and decide that “that won’t work” and hurry back playing the original #3. The other way around, if you get it to play in seq.pos 4 (I made an empty new song for that with the same sequence 0 1 2 2 3) one can not schedule seq. 3 without instantly switching. Also, in this situation the RAlt and RCtrl do the same thing… apparently jack transport does not support having two different types of loop. Don’t know if this is an actual bug. I see now that it only goes awry when one has the “Jack Transport Sync” option on.

  • Steps to reproduce

Actual results

The pattern is switched to (right click?) immediately and immediately the transport disallows that move and switches back

please use this song only for bug fixing purposes :)

Pattern scheduling is unfortunately not supported when running as ReWire slave of with Jack transport. There is no way to tell/ask the masters to jump to a specific time at a specific time., so all we can do is immediately jumping to new positions.
Further Jack transport has no support for loops at all. We kinda try “emulating”, hacking around this limitation, but this does not really work the same way as if no Jack transport is running.

alright, not a bug after all… I was getting to think this as I was experimenting more with the settings. I don’t use other Jack apps atm so never mind the transport sync, haha. Best workaround :P. Renoise’s transport options are best anyway. :D thanks