Jack Transport Vs Sample Recording

Hi everyone,

there seems to be a problem that prevents me from recording samples synchronised to jack tranport.
Here is what i want to do :
i play a loop in freewheeling (live-looping software) which sets the tempo for jack transport.
renoise is correctly synced with it .
when i try to record the loop in renoise’s sample editor, i use the pattern mode and press start recording.
At the beginning of the following pattern, the recording starts but stops immediately, recording only a few milliseconds.

I saw there are problems with the pdc and jack transport, but this does not change anything.
Once in a while it works, but i really don’t know why.



Have your tried this?:

Actually , i use only freewheeling and renoise, no other program.
So there shouldn’t be any conflict, right ?


This is also about only using Renoise and one other host i’m afraid:
Renoise and freewheeling can conflict eachother if both have loops enabled.

It’s just a limitation of Jack Transport (at the moment)


and can i disable the loops in renoise ? ;)
since freewheeling is a live-looper, i don’t think i would be able to disable it.

i guess i’ll have to find another way …

Thanks for your answers


The only thing that you cannot “avoid” in Renoise is if the arranger goes from the last pattern sequence to the first one (yes you can use the stop song by setting the tempo to 00, but just for the sake of catching my drift). Any other type of loop you will have to disable or extend your pattern sequence to contain a larger set of sequences.
Then put freewheeler to the foreground and let it do all the master synchronization

Wow !!!
This worked .
I just added a second pattern.

Thank you