Jackaudio On Windows

I’m going to purchase my full version of Renoise later today :dribble:

But I just want to check first it’s compatibility with JackAudio under windows 7 (obviously on windows JackAudio uses ASIO so I cannot test with the un-registered version).

I’m running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. And currently I can use JackAudio to link audio between Reason, MaxMSP and Ableton Live (For some reason Cubase 5 accepts the driver but does not actually work :unsure:)

I just want to check that Renoise works fine with Jack on windows and I can send separate tracks to different destinations via Jack?

–Also, if you are triggering sequences and patterns ‘live’ in Renoise, is there a way to capture them in a ‘Song’ mode; much like you would with an 808?


Being able to run Jack on Windows is in generic more related to the soundcard that you use and the platform dependency of applications that you want to use with it.
For instance:Don’t place your bets on being able to mingle 32-bit apps and 64-bit apps with Jack or any other routing facility. (Rewire is not capable of transcoding 32-bit to 64 and vice versa either)
And then your audiocard driver also has specific characteristics that can spoil a solid JackAudio system integration.

I have a 64-bit windows and have JackAudio installed, but i have no clue why it sometimes work but mostly not.
And jack has merely been written for Linux, where it operates a lot more reliable than on Windows unfortunately.
I have hopes this will improve in the future, but it will take a while before 64-bit windows is just as common as people owning a car.

For triggering sequences and patterns, i suspect the Renoise OSC server and and the GlobalOSCActions.lua is probably what you need, but i don’t fully catch the “Capture them in a song mode” idea as i have no experience with how an 808 does that.

If you are after clip-tracks, there are currently no options to repeat single recorded patterns multiple times, other than that you have to manually copy these existing clips and paste them into the next patterns where you also want to have them performed.

Hi, yeah I know the 64-bit cross-compatibility is an issue. I have to have cubase 32 and 64 installed to have the best of both worlds. As it stands I am actually having some issues with JackAudio and my soundcard, but it seems to work ok with internal soundcard drivers. I could install Linux on another machine but haven’t got the time right now.

But most of my 32 bit programs seem to like Jack apart from Cubase and Audacity(for which there is a complicated work around).

As for triggering the sequences and patterns. I mean if you could put renoise in ‘Song’ mode and then hit record. Then at will, select patterns 1, 3, 10, 9 on the fly; and also use things like block loop. This is then stored in the ‘song’ as a composite of all the triggered events.

I can use Jack to work around this though as I can just feed the audio into a DAW like Ableton to capture what I am playing live (via an OSC controller I am designing).

So can you link Renoise to other Apps using JackAudio on your system OK?

So frankly you simply want a sequencer session recorder…
I don’t know if you have an external midi-controller, but perhaps the new recorder feature in Duplex 0.95 might deal with this specific desire:
I currently don’t have such midi device to check out with Duplex, so i can’t check out the recording facility myself here.
But just creating your own session recorder in Lua is not impossible either (what you want can be done with Lua), just that not everybody is good at programming a script.

Currently no, i had only one succesful Renoise session where Jack Deamon launched ok, but as soon as i had another application involved, jack crashed out and then never started again.
But i suspect the driver of my audiocontroller is the true culprit here.
The hardware is super and the driver is somewhat okay, but making connections in its own DirectWire controller is cumbersome on a 64-bit windows environment.
ESI mentioned they are still improving their drivers so i feed these folks with as much information i can to get issues resolved.

I have been looking at the Duplex setup yes but I am creating this for a Uni project so need to design something myself. Hence Max and OSC. I have done a bit of programming so will no doubt venture into Lua at some stage

Hmmm. Yeah mine is temperamental for sure. I have it running ok but it never lets me increase the amount of virtual channels. which i though was it’s main benefit! I can only have a maximum of 4!

Yeah I have tried Rewire, however there seems to be an issue between Rewire and OSC the way I have it setup and this conflicts with various issues on the transport bar. otherwise I would have just take that route

I guess the transport sync settings in the audio settings within Renoise might help you out here, though, you have to be running Renoise as a slave in this case:

Wow! that absolutely solves my issues! Now I can just use Cubase as a Tape machine! This gets rid of all my transport conflict issues!

You are officially a Star! thanks…

now time to purchase my full license :w00t: