Jackrouter Windows 64-bit connection failure

I am currently experimenting with JackRouter for Windows.
They have improved a lot of stuff lately , not only is there a 64-bit edition of Jackd, mixing 32-bit and 64-bit audio seems to work pretty fine as well…
However Renoise 64-bit somehow doesn’t want to connect to Jackrouter…

Here you can download the latest binary build ( as we speak):

You need the mixed installer.

To register the 64-bit driver you need to do something extra (at least on Windows 7):
Open an elevated console (rightclick on c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and run as admin)
C:>CD \Program Files (x86)\Jack\64bits\
regsvr32 JackRouter.dll

There are a lot of other 64-bit audio applications that hook in fine. Only Renoise pops up an error and i suspect this is a very minor issue…
Renoise 32-bit connects with Jackrouter fine though.

Did you solved this yet? :o

I can’t, there is some kind of handshaking problem as far as i interpret the logs.