Jakim - Call To Fight

I’m proud to present my new piece - personally I think it’s one of my best. Pure XRNS (2.7 RC, no VST).


MP3: http://jakim.pl/player/mp3/Jakim%20-%20Call%20To%20Fight.mp3

XRNS file (uncompressed it’s over 18MB):


cheers on making such a vivid and lively piece of music using samples only!

Quite a massive piece you got there.
Thumbs up! :)


Fixed link of XRNS.

excellent stuff this!!! thank for the xrn too, hope i can learn some rick by observing :) much repect

Very good track, thx for xrns, hope ill learn something new from it ;)

Ps. file deleted so i wont learn today :P

I have posted fixed link to xrns in my second message ;).

Sry im blind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: