Jam session (NETHERLANDS)


It’s my first (serious) post on the forum and I would like to invite yall to come to our jamsession.
I’am not sure if this is the right place for this topic but correct me if iam wrong.

What’s the deal…
We organize a electronic jamsession in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in the famous Natlab (an old Philips research facility).
Many people bringing their own gear (lots of x0xb0x’s, electribes, korgs, etc). It’s free for everybody to come in and join no matter if you just want to watch other people or bring your own gear and jam. There are 3 soundsystems in separate rooms. We have a table, power conection and a midiclock/patchbay per room and there’s a possibility to expand in ways of number of separate rooms and number of soundsystems. There’s also a bar open.

We have already done 3 sessions and the vibe is great.
Untill last session I was the only one to take my BlackBoxRenoise (pc) with me (next to my RS7000 and mc909 and a couple of controllers). Thus… I was wondering if there are some people on this forum who would like to come and play/make/tweak some music.

This is the Facebook link…
My link (if u click like u will recive a newsletter)

This is the original invitation…
Bring your own noise machine (hardware - synth, drum computer, sampler, etc) along and join in!
Or just come to watch, listen, dance or chill.
Bi weekly event - Thursday - odd weeks - LAB -1
Free entrance, the bar is open.
Kastanjelaan 500 Eindhoven (Back entrance Natlab)

I hope to see some Renoise users

Thats awesome. I would so be there if i werent in another country :(

Ahhh… too bad.
I think its dont gonna work wis a wheelbarrow :)/>

Great session yesterday.
This is what you have mised…
Guitar hero for pro’s :)/>
Till next session


Tomorrow another jamsession.
Just to let you know.


The jamsessions ended in the former location.
Maybe we will soon find another location and then we will continue.

It was great to be part of thanks to everybody who helped and partisipated.
If we find something new I will let yall know.