Jazz/funk Piano And Keyboard Lessons

I just opened this site, the main goal is to present some tips and tricks along with video examples, mp3 material, study grooves for pianists and keyboardists who want to learn to play funk. And also, maybe, meet people, interact and stuff…

So if anyone’s interested, please head on down to the website:

Seeya there!

Hmmz… where is the Cow & Chicken - Piano Lessons video?
(Love that episode)

Excuse me?

It’s a comic tv show. :D

Piano Lessons:
Red Guy shows up at Cow and Chicken’s house again, this time claiming to be a piano teacher. So now Cow and Chicken are his students, and tries to make them child-prodigy piano players, so he can be rich. Cow and Chicken’s concert fail, and he starts banging his head on the piano, which amazingly, amazes the audience, and Red Guy is named a great piano player.

Yes I know the show, and I know this episode.

But I don’t see the relevance here. This is mokery.

well spotted chap