Jazz Mutant Lemur On Renoise

hi everybody this is my frist post
i have a question… is anybody here on the forum who uses a lemur to control renoise?if the anwser is yes i would like some help base on how to set the lemur to interact with renoise…any help i would appreciated very much…thanks

i dont have a lemur an ive never even touched one but ive been mentioning the benefits of OSC support on here for as long as ive been a member. :)
does that count?

if so for now you will need to either set the lemur to send midi messages as a subprotocol of osc or maybe use flashosc to translate your messages between a midiloopback interface driver like hubis on pc or the midi server in osx… all that running inbetween! an then select it in the midi in device under preferences under edit. (if your using 1.8)

hope that makes sense!
too bad the future needs to be backward compatible!

I don’t own a Lemur myself, but if by “interact” you mean that your Lemur has motorized controllers which should react to Renoise’s sliders movements, this is not possible because Renoise does not send MIDI out feedback data when moving its sliders.

hi thanks for answering
i have been using the lemur just for few days,i made a interface and i can trigger the sounds of the seq also i can play virtual instruments on the lemur custom keys but nothing else i just want to control simple things for now ,stop,play,faders,i dont want automation just simple triggerring midi…i would like to have all the extras that live has if is not possible is ok,i always use tracker for sequencers, i am using 1.5 i havent use 1.8 yet…if anyone find something how to control other things on the renoise it could be tremendous help…

well like ITAlien wrote, you wont have feedback like in live, but after looking at the features list on the jazzmutant site i see that the jazz editor can do all the midi conversion itself, so all you need that i can think of is setup a loopback interface/driver. like those mentioned on the lemur site http://www.jazzmutant.com/support_download.php

if you already have a loopback installed or if your using osx an already have pipes routed, then this discussion will need to become more technical. ;)

currently in renoise 1.5, you can use the lemur as an instrument & effect controller & trigger midi notes, along with a transport for start/stop/bpm all from the gui interface…

-by using standard midi CC messages, and a timeclock running on the lemur for your transport

once you have renoise setup with a midi config for your situation:

all the main configuartion stuff will be at the lemur, from what i scanned through i believe the jazz editor is where you will spend most of your time getting this set up,(which shouldnt be too long i hope)
so if there is a lemur specific forum, they could help much more.

thanks choice for the information…its seems like good news i use mac 0s X on powermac g5 and a 15 powerbook i gonna read the renoise tutorials along with the lemur jazzeditor mannual. i will look foward and give it a try :) well guest i have to create my own interface controller for renoise on the lemur…one more thing the lemur is a very interresting creature is not just a controller in my opinion is a versatile instrument it self and grow in many areas…as soon as i finish my renoise interface i get back to renoise forum as soonest possible…

man, you have a nioce setup!

yes indeed it is much more than just a controller, i would be lying if i didnt say i’m green with envy!

i guess i forgot to welcome you so…

Welcome to the renoise forum!
dont hesitate to ask any questions, quite the lot of us will kindly an sometimes rather quickly answer any questions you have, the user base here is Top Notch!
there is many more PC users compared to OSX users atm but as renoise is becoming more popular this should start evening out in the future.


thanks for your reply for welcome me at the forum and also about my setup.as the matter fact i own hardware stuff too also forgot to mention my 12 powerbook and powermac g4…i love macs…but my frist love always been trackers and thats a fact i still use them for so many years of producdtion abuse than i would never retire them form my studio… thanks

Hehe, didn’t even notice this topic… Like I said in general discussion area… I want one! But I’ll be getting a Korg Kontrol 49 hopefully within the next couple of weeks :), that’ll have to do for now!

p.s. is the Lemur pressure sensitive?