Jazzy Menuet. Violin And Guitar


this one is a lovesong and means ‘left autumn for me’.

Liesst mir den Herbst - nt / source

Would be glad about any comments!

edit: added link to source file

Impressive, nice composition.

I like the synth-like voice of violin although it fades out strangely. Considering the use of recorded samples and OGG compression, the quality is good acceptable.

Khaste nabaashi honarmand! ;)

a nice moment!

Funny synth string. But the contrast between the string and the guitar is nice.

Different to ordinary tracking - and that’s nice.

Well, first of all: thanks Ashy-joon, thanks It-Alien and thanks xang!

Second: By your comments I notice I wasn’t good enough at simulating the violin. I think I got too used to the sound while I was on it, so I can’t really hear the failures though they are really present :) Well…here is the source .
I tried to improve it after I had read your comments (slower fadeout, more ‘natualizing’, etc). Challange was as usual not to use a VST, so if a pattern hacker (Itty?) bothers to have his hands on it and make me happy…?

Thanks once again, guys!

I’m currently teh busy man. Will give it a look on November, sorry…

a quick tip looking at the source:
both 05xx and 0Fxx are mostly applied on a single row.

for 05xx, it would by wiser to lower their value and expan their duration.

for 0Fxx, some more duration, with variation of depth during the vibrato (increasing), would give better effect.
it’s quite good yet, though.