Jbl - Lego

I wanted to make a stop motion animation with lego blocks so I made a (small) song and then made some kind of music video for it.


The end was a bit rushed… but well… I need more time in my life.

“the video is no longer available” ?

Ohh yeah hmm oops…

The video quality was very low because I compressed it in .wmv and I’m currently trying to find a way to convert/compress it in a mpeg format so it looks good on youtube.

edit: added the video.

really cool. love it. glad it all synced up. very entertaining. i liked the shapes and video game references most.


end didn’t feel rushed to me at all, it simply blocks eh rocks (harhar)

cool, can we expect more animations by you ? hope so :)

Thanks for the comments… I would appreciate to see them on the youtube page… I wish this video would get more views …

anyway… yeah you can expect more animations… I’m making a 2nd one in 1-2 weeks.

Awesome little vid mate. I love the whole a/v syncopation thing. I often do some stop motion animations for work, but not really synced to any music. Must have taken some planning… Good old school theme to it too - thumbs up!

For work?? Wow you must be the happiest dude on earth!

got any tips? I’ve learned a lot from this first animation… I did tons of mistake that I’ll try to not ever repeat in my future realisations.

Very good!

That was really nice! It far exceeded my expectations! Great work!

I´m impressed!

What’s with the violence? :(

Is it that violent?


What’s the go man? You’re showing us guys being shot. Does the world really need that right at this moment? Is this valid entertainment or legitimization of violence? If the latter then violence becomes permissible, therefore done without thinking. Hollywood gives makes it “OK” all the time.

Oh well. What’s wrong with a little murder? And while we’re at it, let’s pick a group of people we don’t like and talk about as if they deserve to have a bullet in their head. Or even better, let’s go to school and shoot all our classmates. Yeah let’s do that. Let’s laugh how the mothers cry for their shot children because their soft and weren’t really being THAT violent.

It all adds up.

Sorry for a late reply.

Yes, I do understand your point, the violence in the video is totally free… in fact there aren’t any information about it… it’s simply emphased on the action.

But then… is it like it was a real gun on a real head, I mean… is it something realistic that could happen in real life? No, it is some lego bricks put together. the violence it shows could simply be your interpretation of an abstract pattern of lego bricks (of course, it’s not, we can clearly see the exploding head) but my point is that it is only lego bricks… and it wasn’t done without thinking… it was done simply for it’s visual value… simply the esthetism, the “how does it look?”. When I made that part (and every others), my priority was how the lego bricks looked, not something about violence or killing someone. I didn’t know someone, in 2007, would be offended by such a thing… anyway… I think only a very small minority (thge pleonasm used to add emphasis on how little offended people are in this world) would be offended by some lego bricks that look like a murder… If it was offensive, it would have been removed from youtube long ago.

Of course, our civilisation tends to accept violences too easily… well, I have no control on that… and I’m sure that my so said violence does NOT contribute to that problem in any way.

This and the part just before it constitute a sophism and it has absolutely no value as an arguement to defend what you are complaining about (not that what you are defending is wrong, but this sophism is.) Only someone with a very closed mind would take such an arguement into consideration.

and of course, No, it doesn’t add up like this, we are talking about a lego animation that less than 200 people saw, not the american news bulletin that spread the bad, violent, reality 800% more while the criminality doesn’t rise at all. (no sources here, it’s simply to give an idea of something much worse).

Btw, I do know that refering to something worse to make my animation look better in comparaison is also some kind of sophism but it’s not like I needed that to defend my point of view.

Oh and, I’m sure many would find your profile picture much more violent than my lego stop motion.

Anyway, thanks for telling me your thoughts on my animation, because that’s exactly why I posted it here. Oh and please don’t take this reply as a refusal to accept your own opinion on my animation, but it is not.

But saying that my lego animation could contribute to make people kill others is pure madness.

I just would have used the lego to say something a little more positive. It’s a big complicated cultural soup we are part of, and symbolism like this adds to it.

We see two different things. It seems you see: cool visual effect. I see, symbol of violence used unquestionably as a cool effect, and in being a cool effect it undermines the seriousness of violence.

Collectively, in 2007, we’re not offended ENOUGH by violence.

This is very true.


I’m not trying to revive a settled argument, I just want to clarify one thing:

I think that violence in a lego-stop animation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s the type of violence that is portrayed. After watching your stop-animation, I saw a gun shot the head of a random person. Almost execution style, one might say. That, to me, is senseless violence that shouldn’t have been included.

Now, had you done an epic gun battle in which it shows one of the two equally armed combatants getting a shot to the head…it would be different.

To me at least. But whatever.

The rest of it was nice. Stop-animation requires patience I don’t have. Nicely done.