Jealousy - Crimescene

this is my first completed work in Renoise doing some Breakcore.
check it out

its need some stronger bass i think

hm… i always got some problems with too much bass, it’s going to sound unclean and the frequencies start to create ruogh noize, like too much distortion…
i’m EQing every track and so i try to make the whole track sound clean with good bass and good trebles etc…
maybe i should master with an external prog or something…

hm no more breakcorers in here…?

im no “breakcorer” but i had a listen to your tune…

more cuts … less (no) boosting.
around 1:20 my ears began to bleed.
and such loud, high frequencies arent good for monitors. ;)

EDIT: btw: greetings nach bad doberan! hro here. :)

hehe, the world is a village ;)
hm i’m not owning monitors, only a normal stereo. but i kow the high freqs are a bit too much ;)
and by the way… what a terrible start of hansa rostock in munich… :(

Hi Jealously! I would like to know how you did to get that lovly high frequencys. Did you just highten treble in an EQ or did you use some sort of “distortion plugin” to get the fuzzyness? Please answer, cus i’d like to get some advise.

check pm

great stuff, loved it :yeah: