Jealousy & Skinplex - Dr. Mabuse

here a new Freetrack! My first Coproduction with Renoise =)

Jealousy & Skinplex - Dr. Mabuse

Style: Speedcore (dark + fast + some breakbeats)
Dur8ion: 6:02 min.
BPM: enough! (375 - 700 - 1400)

check SHP and enjoy!

dude, i’ve never listened to speedcore before, but man thats some heavy shit.

how many pills do you need to pop to dance to that lol :P

and lmao @ “bpm:enough” hahaha!

i don’t pop pills, and i’m not going to pop some in the future :P
i’m “dancing” to this music sober or with a bit alcohol or some weed, but the feeling you get while being on a speedcore-party is flush enough: fast and loud and brutal beats and breakz, shocking lights, a dirty location and a lot of fog on the floor

yeeha! good stuff … there is so much crapcore but thats finaly something wicked :w00t: :yeah:
@3:25 … awesome!

i’ve got something similar done … bis slower though :P -> prenoised (rB rm).mp3

thx =)
@3:25 min. hehe that’s my favourite part of the track too
check my homepage for more music, but all the tracks on the page are made with Modplug, the renoise-tracks are going to be played live and maybe released sometimes… :)
your track has got a nice dark touch, very industrial. i like the noizes und cuts. good work!