Jean Michel Remix

hoi fellas… i did a tune for the CTG christmas compo. (remix a famous song into a christmas song). all done in renoise, no external programs used.

hope ya like it :)…29.mp3&fileinfo

Nice one! Makes me feel all fluffy and snowy :rolleyes:

Heh, my brother’s gonna love this, a neat little christmas present for a JMJ-fan! :D

Nice to hear the xerxes-touch on JMJ indeed!

its kinda funny i get a ‘summer vibe’ from this song. hehe:p i like it alot… its cozy;)

top-notch producing quality, carefully arranged and full of little details here, there and everywhere. that’s what makes xerxes’ tunes sound like no other. all available thumbs up for yet another high quality release! (!)

thanks fellas, glad ya liked it!

keith: muchos thanks! the production itself got some flaws, i mixed it poorly… more bass should be present and there are some instrument-meshing issues (they play the same freq range, hence sound is a bit harsh).

thanks for feedback :=)

have a jolly good christmas everyone :)

Nice one xerxes (as always) :)

As already said. Lack some bass. Maybe a dark unisone pad/string or something to support the bottom? A tad harsh. But it has lots of jingle bells after all :)
Other then that you got a superb balance of good reverbs/delays and good use of panning, resulting in good imaging and depth.

God Jul! :walkman:

hjertlig takk pysj :)

og god jul til deg!


Hej dansker! :)

vi er norske!!

Uh, nå ja sorry. Kan da godt se det nu, troede bare at i lavede stavefejl, hehe.
Men det er rart at kende andre nordiske Renoisers herinde. :) God jul til jer! :)

JMJ rulez!
Btw, I also make JMJ-remixes…

faktisk så er bestefaren min dansk, så du hadde jo 1/4 dels rett :D


Really nice work xerxes! Full of small details as keith said. And has a good feeling to it! The JMJ sound is somewhat still there with the sweeping pads.

Keep up the good work… och God Jul! :)

Hahaha, skrivefeil! :P

Vi er mange norske her inne… Nordic Renoise Awards kunne vore artig, då… Hmm…

Go jol, folkens!

Nå da. Du er da ikke et opphav derfra, så jeg må bare bryte inn og si 1/4 er fejl.

:) Merry Christmas everyone

jeg var i danmark en gang. God Jul følx!! :D