Jean Wall Jean

What do you think guys? This is updated version.

Maybe if u put it on soundcloud more people will hear ur music… Sounds spacy in the beginning, only i thought maybe with the space-plucks(don’t know how else to say…) to place the piano like-synth line off beat a bit more, maybe with some verb/echo to really space out there :)

When the snare comes i think maybe it is a little harsh, maybe u could filter it down and replace the high freqs with a hat or some thing to give it more polish/some dimension in the snare sound…

But don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice track, relaxing listen, bass and percussion sounds nice btw :)

yeah exactly… what i did then is, change the out of blue snare to normal one, so drums is fixed, played bit with some values. And ad one part to a song. So now it is pretty much final for me. Ill post , or at least will try to post it on server you provided me. When i get gome ill upload it and you can tell me your opinion then. Thanx anyway.

how i can put this song like you…with player shown?

Media tags.  


Yes i think that snare does not stick out so much, and give less problems in the mix later on.
Keep going like that :)