Jenim En Vivace Ep

Broken beats, metalriffs, classical melodiae…
Six tracks of theatricious dramacore, thirty and a minute
of excessive, energy driven soundtracktor… for the lovers
of musical telling tales, ADHD, intensity and anime.

Jenim en Vivace is an EP written in vivace, for the purpose
of providing its listener with a good frustration medicine.
Posted one track a while ago here and decided to exploit its
formula to create a consequent, musical dirtrush.…

thanks for your time!

The mixing sounds a bit strange to me. The guitars seem to be spread really wide, the beats and leads to centered. You’ve mixed the styles quite good, i like your melody work, very diversified. Keep it up.

I like the pieces with the classic instruments a lot.
Very inventive!

Correct. ;)

Only halfway through the first track but already loving this stuff. Will put it on my mp3 player and enjoy thoroughly!

yai! :)

love this shit!




Congratulations on putting together and committing to a release!

This really works as an album and I have to say, given the context, I really like it.

Big ups.

thanks guys! nice to hear you enjoyed it :)
still too bad I don’t have a guitar player laying around somewhere…

thanks for sharing, when’s it scheduled for release?

well, you can download it… that’s pretty much it