Jerky Pattern Scrolling (2.0.0)


I used to use trackers back in the 90’s and I wanted to get back into it. Renoise has great sound and a great load of features, but I’m having jerky scrolling issues just playing back the demo songs (e.g. Beatslaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums). Is this a common issue? The only other mentions I saw on the forums had to do with older versions.

I’ve used FT2 and a slew of other trackers and they all had instantaneous screen updates. So I was hoping Renoise would be similar, but unfortunately the playback stutters quite regularly. It’s especially bad on fast tempos or highly granular patterns, and it’s often worst just after switching in a new pattern or at the end of a pattern. I rely on accurate scrolling to let me see exactly where to find an event I want to edit, vs guessing at one of 5 rows that may have actually been under the playhead.

I’m running an AMD single-core 3K+ system, with a GeForce 6600 video card and 3GB of RAM at 1600x1200, Windows Vista, and nothing else running. I’d expect this would be more than enough horsepower to see smooth updates.

Overall I love the system, but like I say, I really need my tracker to show me the exact playhead position at all times :P



yes, your system should be more than enough for playing demosongs, but two things should be considered:

1] have you updated your drivers? Vista ones can be very bad…

2] have you tried enabling Edit => Preferences => GUI => Global => More compatible GFX updates?

You may also try to lower the Audio latency: Renoise -> Preferences -> Audio -> Latency. The smaller the latency, the faster the GUI will react on whats played.

Thanks for the quick help guys. It-Alien, I checked that flag you mentioned and it was already enabled (by default I guess) so I switched it off and it’s much more accurate now - Cheers! :yeah:

taktik, I checked my audio latency and it was set to 35 ms, which is the best it looks like without switching to ASIO, which I’ll do when I graduate from the demo version.

Now to dig into the help files and relearn my key commands!