Jesus On E's! Joes10.mod. Who Wants To Rmx?


I just found this……/3d-demo-ii.mod

It is still bangin as hell! What a TUNE! The demo was mint too. Better than the first IMO.

Jesus this was f-ing good for its time!

Not at all, my internet connection is not much better than yours, so I understand you :)

And about the MODs, you’re right, the last one is really amazing. This is a fact that limitations make an artist smarter and more creative, those days where the days of brains! 4 channels (2 left and 2 right) and 8 bit samples force all your neurons to operate! I admire Amiga MOD age, I’ve experienced it myself. :rolleyes:

too much noise for nothing…i didnt find out these tracks any xtra ordinary or sumthing like that. no any superb tracking skillz or anything to praise. just basic crap what i and we and everybody use to also make, but hey!!! at least i didnt used premade drumloopz!!!

but interesting one jesus on e track 6 there is way more acidified and interesting point ov view of this sample:

check out from Phill nam shub ov enki -> f****Piece malbum released on DeMonTea recordings and also sixth track called ROLF legendary 604 musica is massiva!!!

Funny, I’ve always had JOES05.mod on my PC, always liked it, now it’s in context as well! :)

@robert… post some examples of the stuff you used to make so we can hear how good it was.

As for the .mods in question. This is not about who is the best tracker, it is about it being cool as ice and a massive nostalgia trip for me and many others. If you are not impressed I dont think anyone really cares.

Anyway… Onwards and Upwards. :)


nvrmind :)

funny how the demo passes by in front of my inner eye whilst giving this a listen… after all these years.
just awesome - thanks for the link! :)

ps. the part with the magic pockets vocals is unbeatable.

Yeah I am the same! Excellent demo. Wicked GFX and atmos to it. I think this has to be my favourite demo ever.

This one might be next on my list to get up to scratch.

Here is the original demo:

It may not be that impressive now, but of course, put this in context. Back in the days as a teenager, with full screen animation and rave music, this was the dog’s danglies.

Check out the ones from Spaceballs, they are still very impressive. Usage of roto-scoping in the graphics and chords in the music, all on 1 floppy.