Jockey Flower - Meeting

I would like to promote one of my first tracks with Renoise. My nickname here on this board is mr_keen, but my artist name is Jockey Flower.

[URL=no longer/URL]

Or take a look here…
[URL=no longer[/URL]

Feel free to send some feedback.

Thank you.

(No longer available for download 28.01.2005)


The glissando-down sounds so awesome!
The melody is nice. I like the idea that you play chords with a piano-like synth.
The only thing that could bother someone (but not me ;)) is the piano-sample.
Once the melody plays lower notes, you hear that it’s a sample. But the bass keys are okay.
I like it anyway.

Thanks alot! Sorry about the piano sample, maybe I’ll make a new version with better piano.

Nice indeed! :)

I think this track could have gone even further with a string-part. Or should that be part 2 perhaps?

Glad you like it! I don’t think I would put more strings in it. It already use some smoth synthstrings. I want it to sound electronic, because that is what this track is…