Jogeir Liljedahl's Album

Hello world, I just noticed this album on, thought that it was a really cool deal to get the signed album, and listened to the mp3-samples to see what he’d been up to. He got some amazing reviews on that site, so… But to be honest, I wasn’t exactly blown away. Well written melodies but it somehow sounds… cheap!

I didn’t write this to slag off Jogeir’s music, just to ask what you guys think of this music, to see if I’m the only one. :)

“the magic spell” is a beauty… :wub:

Having only heard three of these, I thought Imaginative was enjoyable. The sound is cheap, but considering it was 1999, and he was probably still somewhat tracker centric, I guess that explains it. The arrangements are typical Jogeir. Some of his songs are pretty good, but I’ve never been a big fan. He’s our countryman and all that, but there were a few people, like vinnie/spaceballs, I held closer to my heart. :)

Although I’ve been tracking on and off since Amiga days, I’ve never been into the scene. So I have no idea how his “hits” sounded originally. But to me, this sound like something you could hear in an old porno, on shopping tv, on the open tv channel or in an elevator etc (you get the idea). There’s not enough range of emotions to make it interesting for me… all you get is this soothing and cheap sounding mall music. Most people in this forum make better music imo.

…but there’s a use for everything, so maybe this could do really well as shopping music. ;)