Join With Song Functionality

Maybe it would be nice if you can join another Renoise song to the current song project in a way that tracks and dsp chains of the joined song are added to the right in pattern, mixer and so on.

Only the first pattern would be joined to the current selected pattern and no song sequence.

If this was available, you could build a song out of templates. I think this could be speed up the workflow a lot.

Or maybe better a sixth point in the file browser under “Theme” named “Template”.

I’ve thought of this too, but I think it would be more flexible if it worked a bit like Blender. You could navigate to a song, “expand” it and view all of the patterns and instruments in it (I think you can already do this for instruments alone). Then you could choose which ones to import.

I think some days ago someone requested the ability to import songs into a group or something, these kind of requests have been made before and I doubt something like this will be implemented during beta.

@Jonas: yep, that’d be me. I can even get into more concrete details if you’d like – these new “sections” are a boon for song-merging!

This would be imo the most important new feature. Imagine how easy it could be to compose a basic pattern for a new song… With flexible combinable templates!
What a timesaving feature!

Maybe I am the only one, but very often I spend a lot of time in designing a sound, that I already designed in a similiar way in another project.

How do you prevent to repeat usual work again and again? Do you have presets + dsp chains for that? Or complete template songs? Or do you start always from the beginning?

As an aside, and this is not what you are looking for, but I wrote a script in PHP that merges two songs.

I haven’t updated it for 2.8, but it should work for songs that are 2.7 and below. I will update it when I have time and am bored enough. Patches (and new maintainers) welcome.

Ok thanks, but using a PHP script is not a really handy solution in this case imo.

Is there any documentation available about the changes made to the renoise song file format since 2.8?

And is it theoretically possible to program such a joining functionality by using Renoise’s LUA scripting possibilities?