joining patterns with different automation types

This would be an incredible advancement in automation panel; And I don’t think it is very hard to implement…

Bad consequence…

in my opinion, joining two cubic-linear automation curves should not be a problem: simply convert everything to cubic before joining and the user should be happy.

when merging a points automation with a linear automation, the second one should be converted to points: every single row of the linear automation should have a point set. ugly, but the only correct one.

at the moment, it seems that the automation type of the first pattern is the one used for all the others, which is not the best solution.

The most usefull solution imo, would be the possibility to have multiple types in one automation window.

To be able to set focus in the automation editor, select the points & have the selected automation type automatically alter the state.

That way you can mix gradual envelopes with staccato like transitions.

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