Jomox X-Base 09 Samples

Here’s a large selection of dirty sounding samples straight from my Jomox X-Base 09


Edit: all these samples are now available through Renoise downloads:

The “driven” samples are fed through a Mackie VLZ Mixer, adding quite a bit of distortion.
Samples are free to use in any form, except distributing and reselling.


I get a message that says it can’t load it because it was made with an incompatible more recent version of Renoise.

(Renoise 4 confirmed!11)

edit: You can of course simply extract the samples with 7zip or something, and they sound nice. Thanks!

incompatible more recent version of Renoise

Oops, ehehe…I’ve made ita habit to use nightly builds of Renoise :blush:

Please, check out the (updated) samples and make some cool sounds from them.

yoink thnx mr danoise, future super fun playtime material. :wink:

Thank you oh mighty bringer of binary pressure waves.

Very nice samplng THX