Jonas - De Bokkenrijder (bandcamp album)

Proud to present you this free/name your price selection of cut-up, glitchy sample based beats & instrumentals. Some beats were made as track ideas for a Hip Hop/funk/jazz project (De Beloning) I’m producing for (vinyl out end of April this year), some are influenced by insert conspiracy theory I’ve been reading about on the internets last year. With an abundance of bonus material, there should be enough neck strain material.

Tread carefully.

Very nice tracks! :)
My favorite is 4-Blackballed.
Which tracks will be released on Vinyl?


nothing that is on this bandcamp release. The following beat idea has gotten an acoustic treatment;


i lol’d hard at the “dork sided” sampling :D

enjoyed the album! good stuff!

Nice, just scanned a few tracks. Downloading it right now and will give it a good listen at work tonight :walkman:

Nice work! I’m really lovin the vibe.

Thanks for the words,

Stoned sunday afternoon bonus jam;

Really great listen. some nice textures. loved ‘the future’ one.

Thanks, fyi the vocal samples are grabbed from an old Conan 'O Brian skit. I originally made the tune for a compo released before the end of 2012.

I realized we remixed the same track
synchronize :walkman:/>

looks & sounds liek we did indeed. I dl’d the stems for a remix, forgot all about the origins of the remix (missed the deadline) and used the result for another remix compo B)


For the Dutchies;

Ik verspreid tinnitus op goede vrijdag in OT301 in Amsterdam ( ), digitaal dj setje van strictly eigen materiaal, bovenstaande glitchhop spul & breakcorig materiaal. Ongeveer vanaf 23.15 .