"Josie'S Juice Bar"

Hi! I’d be pleased if anyone could direct me in the direction of a free autotuner for osx! :)

Critique welcome!!! Bring it on :)



The intro sounds a bit wobbly(or something…), did u sample the metronome or am i hearing things :P

Its a nice concept having electronic drums with guitars and vocals, only now it sounds a little disjointed maybe, there seems to be no solid base sound for the song to fall in to,making it sound a little like its in a small box…

Don’t know how else to say it…the sounds all seem filtered in some way, so if thats the way you want to go try putting for example the drums to a send with some compressor/limiter/saturator on it…or all at once :w00t: Now i think because the sounds are being filtered, they sound a little thin… .Maybe u could use an octaver or someting in the bass to fill it out, but maybe it is better to first focus on arrangement of your instruments…where to place your drums…transitions…

And if there is no autotune for osx(i wouldn’t know…) you can always try to make it with note slides 100/200 in fx column(and duplicate+loop your sample, you will figure something out), it will sound better then that pitching envelope(or is it?) that i just heard :)

Sorry if this is not the advice you wanted or if it doesnt help you at all but that is what came into my head when i heard this song ;)

Edit: this autotune plugins seems to be available for mac:
But dont use it too much on the singing, i think it is the best part of the track :lol:
edit2: that one isnt for mac…google ads tricked me :lol:

but this one is: http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Audio/Autotalent.shtml