there are softwares out there to use any joystick as a midicontroller. I think this is great fun and also very useful, would it possible to have such a feature built in to renoise?

and I guess you can, using midiyoke or something similar. put the output of midijoy (or whatever you use) into midiyokes input and use the corresponding midiyoke output as midi-controller in renoise. cool eh ? (yeah, you know, google)

Hmm, yeah but thats the thing getting it to work takes like 10 minutes each time one wants to setup. Would be nice with with some kind of metadevice called joystick controller… still you’re right it is not a neccesity at all since one can do a work around quite easily…

really ? I havent used midiyoke in a while, but I thought once its setup up its actually setup … but maybe I am wrong.