Jump To Prev/next Pattern W/ Loop & Jack Transport

I don’t know if this is a bug or there’s been a new toggle put in somewhere to make this work again as it did before 2.8 - I am having difficulty with the jump to previous/next commands (Control+Up/ Control+Down) while playback is initiated and loop pattern is enabled.

While playing, and with loop enabled, Renoise will momentarily jump to the pattern you specify, but then immediately jump back to the pattern from which playback was initiated.

This is different behavior from previously and I hope this has not been changed intentionally!

Im running the x64 linux rev6 beta.

Are you probably running Renoise with Jack transport enabled? Else this should not happen.

yes I was.
That’ll teach me to file a bug before drinking coffee in the am.

one follow up here…
I do find it a little strange that having Jack sync simply enabled locks the pattern position, even if Jack transport is not running rolling. That was the case when I filed it… and coffee or not its a little overly laborious to have to jump into prefs to disable Jack sync if you’re editing patterns in loop mode, then go back to re-enable it when you want Jack transport to take control of playback.

edited “running” to “rolling”

When Renoise is stopped, or your are starting to play outside of the loop, Renoise will not stick to the loop. Just have checked this again and could also not replicate this.
Could you give us a few more details here?

That we wrap playback into the loop while playback indeed is wired, but unfortunately we have to do this when running with jack transport, becasue the jack transport has no proper support for loops.
Further we also don’t know (at least not reliably) if we changed the transport, or something else did, so it’s also hard to hack around this limitation.

Renoise is playing, Jack sync enabled in renoise prefs, Jack server is started, but not rolling.

I can replicate in debian squeeze AVLinux and KXStudio. Are you sure you have jack sync enabled in renoise prefs?
Here are my steps to reproduce…

-Launch qjackctl
-Start jack server ; jack server is running but jack transport is not rolling.
-Launch renoise, audio device is set to jack, jack transport sync is enabled.
-Open a song, enable pattern loop in renoise transport
-Hit play within renoise,
-Can not jump to prev or next pattern while renoise is looping playback, but can without issue if pattern loop is disabled.

IT’s fine and good and makes perfect sense that jack transport is the master transport, that’s the point of enabling Jack sync in renoise. However if Jack transport is not rolling, there is no timecode to sync to, so why does it try?

“Playing” means “rolling” in Jack Audio terms.

Yes but to “play” or start jack “rolling” is not the same as starting the jack server. They’re both play buttons but one starts the server, the other sets the jack transport playing or rolling.

Why is renoise trying to sync to jacks transport when jack is not rolling?

See screenshot.

I’m sure you know that you can not use Jack as your audio “device” if you do not have the Jack server running.

In this screenshot I have the Jack server running, but the transport is not rolling. Any other Jack capable linux audio application’s transport works independently in this situation… hydrogen, ardour etc. I can skip to any point of the song I want, regardless of having any loop mode within the program enabled. It is not until I hit play on the jack transport (to start timecode rolling) that there is any syncing going on.

Renoise, on the other hand–with the Jack transport stopped–will let me skip around within the song as long as I don’t have loop pattern enabled. If loop pattern is enabled with the “Jack transport sync” button in the renoise prefs checked, you are forced to loop the pattern you initiated renoise playback on–all with Jack transport stopped. That’s bizarre. There is no master clock running outside of renoise, so why would renoise’s playback position be effected by anything?

I hope it makes sense to you now what I’m reporting.

bump, nudge, ping.

Sorry for the lag. The play button in QJackControl really does nothing more than starting to play. “Rolling” is just another term for “playing” in the Jack world.

You do not en/disable the jack transport sync with it, but simply set all connected Jack clients into playback mode.
I heartily agree that it’s annoying that Renoise does not jump out of it’s own loops while playing, but unfortunately we can’t change this because of various reasons.

Thanks, I appreciate the follow up. I had a feeling this was the case. I just wont enable jack transport sync unless I specifically need it. Just too bad it’s buried in the renoise prefs and not somewhere where it could be easily toggled or binded by a kb shortcut.

I’ll live :)

Keep up the good work, I’m sure now is a busy time full of sorting priorities.