Jumping From One Pattern To Another...

Hi everybody, i was trying to configure my korg R3 as a midi controller to launch the playback of the patterns, but i cannot find the command i have to map for the “right mouse click” action in the pattern sequencer, the one that play the pattern from the point you were before.
Does anyone now anything?

Sorry if the message is a bit confused, but english is not my mother tongue. :P

Might this help?

I tried, but the trigger commands just play the selected pattern from the beginning while the schedule and add schedule commands just select the pattern as the next to be played.


Out of the box, switching pattern while playing isn’t possible, but since GlobalMidiActions.lua is a script, we can extend it ourselves.

I’d say that the following are important to consider:

  1. Do you want to control the position using buttons or a knob/slider, or both?
  2. Do you care about differently-sized patterns? (transitioning from a longer pattern into a smaller one might leave you in a “no-mans-land”)

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something - perhaps even to include in future versions?

If you want to script it, you can have a look at my Midi-Skip tool (my first tool), it should be easy to patch it up to switch patterns.

I think that this features is really important for my new keyboard system too.
Jumping from patterns as the next to be played is not the top as realtime feature.
Let me know when you have upgraded this feature :)

Seems I need to learn to script…
As soon as I finish my examinations. B)