June the 21st????

It said in the newsletter to come here to find out about June the 21st but I can’t see anything???


wait for june 21st ;)

free booze and lot of chicks? :rolleyes: ;)

free chicks and lot of booze

Free shower curtains?

did they specify the year aswell? :P

what’s up??? 21 june … in the year 2525 singing … version 1.3 will arrive lol

I’m heavily thinking about if I didn’t got something ;)
Now will you release a version at this date or what?!!? Can’t wait! :blink: Wanna know!!! :mellow:

Uuuh!! Let’s face it: excitement condenses to liquid! Three days! :P

maybe its taktiks birthday.

Or we will finally sell the famous Renoise umrellas ? Who knows ? :)

I think I know what it is
(the big BB)…
but who knowzz ?? ;) maybe I’m wrong…

Today is the day folks, wonder what will happen!

They are probably hmmm… hmmm what can it be, it have to be v1.3 , right?!

Well, it was… small surprise? :slight_smile:

21.06. - Renoise Birthday!

Many thanks to all of the users that support us!

w000t, has a year already passed!?

Renoise was much needed then and still is, so good job on realizing renoise, and ehh… happy birthday to your child!


awe… i thought it was going to be v1.3 :(

So no more surprises for today??

Happy birthday Guys!!!

After a year Re>noise has become the Nº1 vst/vsti-tracker around…

Best regards…

Anyway, happy birthday Renoise! …Born at the day the summer starts :)

edited by taktik :
sorry, this will be official as soon as its ready :)

yeah happy birthday !

I am really happy renoise came to life. Boosted my creativity and possibilities alot. Good work people !