Jungle Production Competition Sponsored By Bizzy B

oh yeah i almost forgot, you probably would need paypal account cuz the pack iis 2 bucks for some reason. :lol:

also, i have complete faith in you guys, know this.

a good number of these guys are probably using subpar sound apps like reason,acid,yadda & yadda. most of them use Way too much compression so the only thing they have going for them is the ideas they have, some of them are all about ‘mental drums’. so abstraction is key! :drummer:

this isnt run of the mill type ish, and hopefully not even the cubase users will submit any of that disgusting monotonus smooth predictable dnb BS.

this is jungle. :walkman:

why are they asking for money for the sample pack tho?

kinda weird. :huh:

thats some new thing that popped up lately, I think they want to scare all those acid-re-arrangement kids away. but imho it really sucks to have to pay to get the samples. I wont take part because of that.

The CM Guide to Remixing.






not sure if i will enter yet , it sounds interesting though

i do agree, i dont quite understand why the 2 dollar surcharge, they replied with that its an entry fee.

heres some of the background on this.
the interest in this contests originated at ragga-jungle.com.
it would have become the 2nd production contest of the site, but the ppl that run ragga-jungle.com didnt provide anything toward the 1st one, it was all user based.
headed by Carbine, who became good with demostreams. so demostreams hosted it an provided the prizes as well as a 700mb sample pack. for the 1st

the guy was new to the whole thing an pretty much made the whole pack himself, trying to appeal to everyones demands and adding a bunch of pellas from some cds that he had bought, before all this there was a ton of arguement over rules an who was going to do what, but he took initiative an it began.

so then, time passed an he asked if anyone wanted to do it again, he asked that anyone send him their ‘Best samples’ to use in this next one.
i imagine this is when Bizzy B saw the thread an contacted Carbine, to host the contest.
since Bizzy B owns an operates sampleoidz, (which is a production forum and a bidness for jungle/dnb/grime/dubstep/etc… type sample packs.
(if you dont know who Bizzy B is. its not surprising, only because unlike the others he chose to remain underground.))

so then Jungle Production Competition Sponsored By Bizzy B came into effect

anyhow so thats pretty much the story, heh, (fact or not!)
here linkage to the contest thread
an the originating thread

i had good feeling you guys could stomp these fools, so i brought it here. ;)

Looks awsome.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand a jungle. :smiley:

they dont say anything about what DSP is allowed to use if any… cause this compo isnt limited to specific host program as i understand :unsure:

pretty much just means, use the samples an no vst ‘oscilator type’ instruments.
it doesnt say anything about vst effects.

therre was a guy asking about vocoders and such, an it pretty much came down to:

as long as the source of the signal came from a sample from the pack its all good.

an in the case of doing something ExtraOridinary to the samples, just remember how you did it, in case they did ‘actually’ decide to ask.

the vibe i get, is the only time they would ask is if they just couldnt believe it was possible.