Juri - When The Clouds Seem To Hover

Hi fellow Renoisers!

Finally I got some new stuff online and would love to get some feedback!
This is probably the most electronic-sounding track I have made so far… a lot of glitches and stuff.

But anyway, check it out on myspace!

will be checking them out!

btw, i never had the chance to tell you i rrreally like you previous release… (thought it was love)
what a awesome lush sound that had. i’m actually using it as reverence sound sometimes but never come close…

Nice to hear that you like it! It was my first release ever and I worked really hard to get it done… So this kind of feedback means a lot to me! Thanks! :)

Good Morning Juri,

I can’t help it, I always get pictures on my mind while I listen to music. “When the clouds seem to hover” gave me Snoopy and Woodstock sitting on Snoopy’s red doghouse having a nice breakfast in the morning sun. I really like it, coz I like Snoopy, Woodstock and breakfast in the morning sun!

Greetz, Chris

If that’s the picture you got on your mind while listening, then I can say that I have succeeded! :)

love it! well done man. gave me that colorful feeling that Cornelius does but different (obviously cuz you are different people haha)
this song specifically i really like… sounds like you found an old computer music box tree covered in dirt, you turn it on and it still works, and as the song goes along the dirt is getting cleared out and it remembers how to play. umm yeah, organic dirty digital.