Just A Lil' Tune Being In Production..

nothing special here…
just interested in some feedback on the little tune i’m currently working on (started it a few hours ago).
so far the arrangement is not very worked out, it focuses more or less on mood and atmosphere than on anything else so far.
give it a listen, if you like: > download < [2.15MB OGG]

hey keith,

listening to Impetus right now… imo it’s definately something to keep working on… I like the deep reverbed feeling (especially the ride in the break at 0:40…)
but you need something to counter that… maybe a sharper kickdrum, a more defined bass or a lead of some kind… well… what do I know?
I also love the “kind of 80’s synth-feel” progression that comes in at around 1:20… and the whispering/breath voice is just swell…

could become a real dark-chill tune… looking forward to the end result…


a sharper kick… hmm you mean like more attack? should be a good idea.
the main aim i follow with this track is to write something which just floats without pushing anything particularly into the foreground, so a striking lead or anything else drawing a lot of attention on itself, might “ruin” the overall atmosphere i fear. but i’m currently pretty uninspired as to how it will progress further in general. :blink:

so i’m grateful for your input and feedback! :)

I see what you mean by not pushing anything in the foreground but I do think
you need something to make it sound less 2-dimensional (maybe that’s what you’re after…) .
The break/change at 1:20 does that quite well but in my opinion you need to build somewhat for that change…
that unexpected off-beat at 0:49 isn’t enough to do that (even though it’s very cool… :ph34r: )
Maybe you could add some element that is hard-panned on both left&right
channels but with quite low volume in order to widen the field…

Here’s a little experiment… Test
Im not sure it exemplifies any of my thoughts but nontheless I hope it gives you atleast something… :D

anyway, keep it up… in my ears you’re on track…

so long,

very nice beginning, althout i don’t like the melodic thing starting at 1.20 and forward, it breaks the atmosphere and the mood which could have been very dark goa/trance imho :)… but i’m biased :)

anyway nice mix indeed, if you change the style to a more electronic goa/trance sound i want to hear it :), this gave me idea for a future muzik maybe :).

what vst did you used if any ?


can’t help getting this image in my head when listening to it…

The good guy and the bad guy faces eachother in a dark alley for this kickass final battle and everything goes in slowmotion… it’s night and it’s raining… :P

the only thing I miss is some deep bassdrum and fat distorted lead to really pump up the song for a climax (when the bad guy makes his first move that is :rolleyes: )… well, very nice though! :)

crap… maybe I’v got a little bit too much imagination…

yes i know what you mean and it’s really nice what you added to my tune, but not quite what i am after ;)
but really cool to see you care that much, thanks man :)

you really think the melodic riff starting @1:20 destroys the mood?
i felt quite content with it so far… hmm maybe it needs some alteration.
or is it just that it is introduced too suddenly?

VSTi in use:
four instances of Linplug Alpha
one instance of Sonic Charge Microtonic

VSTfx in use:
E-phonic Retrodelay
Waves Trueverb
PSP VintageWarmer
Ohmforce Ohmboyz (delay)

and 2 samples (the female breathing, cymbal)

ROFL, awesome visualization there ^_^
and no, i guess you just cannot have enough imagination, especially when being an artist of any kind.

thanks for all your thoughts and comments, people!

Really cool!

Don’t touch the riff at 1.20 because I love it :)
Maybe add some sounds to the song to make it less repeatative and to the riffs but don’t change it.

A suggestion could be to make a second part to it.
If you see this as a movie like Sirius did I think this part is the part before
the action begins, you could have a second part with more action.

yeah! we really look forward to the next version!

btw, this might be a stupid suggestion but you could pump up the sound without making it sound faster… think: “prodigy - diesel power” ???

maybe… whatever… Keep up the good work! :)

Awesome keith.

I really enjoyed this beat. it makes me wanna dance in a angry way>:|
I think the next thing you should add is some vocals. Before starting with any other instruments… Then a contrabass and “real drums” after that, wich leads to a uplifting chorus. Actually the drums are alot similiar to one of the songs we play in our band, but were still at the process of recording the song in studio. Anyhows. whatever you do, it sounds kewl;)

Keep up the good work!

Yes! I like the dark didgereedoo style!! When I hear this I think of heavy-drugged bushniggers dancing around a campfire burning a cheapass white girl… Sorry, can’t help it - but I like it!! :yeah:

too bad its too short… :(