Just a simple question about Tool GUIs

As everything develops further, I am interested in your simple answer.
Do you prefer a uniform renoise gui or do you prefer something else as well?
I’m asking because development takes time and I don’t want to waste it on nonsense.
I have another tool that supports skinning now.
It’s not just a sketch, both versions work :slight_smile:

So… Skins or not?



Plz use the Renoise own controls styles and skins. Different skins in same Programm will turn into a mess often.

happy tracking :slight_smile:


Hmm, skins are fun, but consistency is also great. Guess I’m good with either, especially if the user can sub in their own skins… It’s not like we will ever approach reason’s skeuomorphic eye vomit clusterfuck with just renoise tools


The native controls keep everything congruent visually imo

But then again I’m also the guy that wants a native synth because I want a native solution to everything.

On one hand, I agree with most of the replies that the native gui is great for consistency (and IMO is jsut really nice)


on the other hand I really like that custom gui you have there. Those knobs! If you skinned all of your tools with that design, I think that would be cool. I’d always know exactly who had made the tool I’m using. Consistency within your realm, inside Renoise.

I think they are both valid, and one over the other would not stop me from using or enjoying your tools.

(also, can we get a All-in-One archive of your tools? Something you could use to drop new versions etc. that I don’t have to track down each individual thread in the forum and/or the Tools Page. I’m a stickler for complete collections shrug

I suppose it could be an option within the tool itself to use the skin, or turn it off… Might cover all the bases :upside_down_face:

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Then we are close to new VST >>> RST plugins!

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I am perfectly happy with the native look. You can add one bitmap for decorative purposes, if it makes a point, but I am more into functionality.

I like color themes. I like pattern textures. I would also like skins.
Those who like skins should be able to use and/or to make skins.

Winamp is the perfect example of a software known for different reasons: functionalities, audio plugins, visual plugins, advanced skins. Nothing was mandatory. You could use it as a very good MP3 player, or choose to use a plugin for XM/IT chiptunes files, a radically different skin, a DSP effect to enhance audio, and a visualization synchronized with BPM to chill out while listening.