Just Another Appreciation

I just want the world out there to know that i love renoise, it rules big time, 1.5 rocks totally! Great great great, yeah yeah yeah! This is kinda pointless post, ist just occasionally feel like it, sorry :)

Happy happy, joy joy!

Best music app ever, fantastic. And i am enjoying it since 1.0




I also want to thank Renoise devs for making a tracker that actually also looks GOOD (v1.5)! This is probably pretty important when attracting new users to tracker software.
You have to tweak the presets of course, which was quite easy, to get your personal favourite colours.
In my opinion there are mainly high contrast/oversaturated themes which reminds me of the warez sites in the late 90’s. But since tweaking them is rather easy, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as the default them is looking good.

And the flexibility of the interface in 1.5 is much better…

nothing to add here.

:guitar: :drummer: :yeah: :w00t:

i luv you renoise-dev-folks!




errr… what’s automation follow?? :blink:

i truly agree
renoise 1.5 is looking & working whikkid!

well explained, even i digged it.
it’s an intelligent feature, true.
but i honestly never learned to cherish it, because i somehow took it for granted… shame on me :confused: