Just Bought Krk Rp6, But...


The KRK RP6 speakers just came in the mail (finally) but cables did, not surprisingly, come with the package.
Meaning, of ocurse, that I have to buy them.
Only question is; what kind should I get?
They’ve got sockets for XLR


and RCA

The RCA on the speakers are unbalanced, while the TRS 1/4" and XLR outputs are balanced (whatever that means).

Sorry for newbie post, but I’m a complete newb when it comes to cables, so alittle help would be very appreciated.

Kinda embaressing buying speakers and not even knowing how to plug the bastards.

Also, I’ve got a external soundcard

Would the sound benefit from using this instead of the outputs on the PC?

…‘kay here goes: the XLR you don’t need unless you’re using a sub, but since you got the RP6, that’s not needed. Therefo’ you’re going to need balanced jacks. Do not get RCA cables. Hope this helps…

…not needed…

yeh they are powered monitors.

2 questions.

how come he shouldn’t use rca’s?
i’ve been using rca’s on an rp8.

balanced is another way of saying grounded right?

Unbalanced cables are also grounded.

Unbalanced cables has two wires (+) and (-). The (-) is also the ground and works as a shield wire which prevents noise from getting into the (+). Unbalanced cables works just fine if the needed cables are short.

Balanced cables has three wires (+),(-) and ground. The (-) is 180 degrees out of phase which (long story short) manages to cancel out noise that can leak in via other cables or radio frequencies etc. So if the cables run along many other cables or long distances, balanced cables should be used to make sure the signal stays free from noise.

About balanced I/O’s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_audio_connector

…yeah, i didn’t see that you only have unbalanced in’s/out’s: then it doesn’t matter which cables you use. You would benefit from the [probably] better converters on your external soundcard though. If you have a generic soundcard in your computer that is…

holy crap thanks for all the answers, thanks!

I’ll buy a couple of balanced jacks then.

Thanks again :)

why do you only need XLR’s when using a sub ?
i’m using XLRs with my adam nearfields and am not using a sub.
unfortunately the only alternative for those XLRs are RCA’s here :(

…because my subwoofer requires XLR cables and i assumed that was standard bút XLR’s are also way more expensive ánd i have the habit of forgetting to give out information that could come in handy :huh: :)

get xlrs - way harder to break and a cleaner signal all round

Agree. If they just stay in all the time it does not matter if you use balanced jacks og xlr. The xlr is a better/safer design though. So I would use xlr.

I can add that in Norway you usually have very good and stable power net all the way from the power stations to the output in your house, and not too much noise from FM radio transmitters etc. . So if you ground all your equipment properly, and don’t use very long cables (longer then 3-5m, then also unbalanced cables should work just great. But to be safe, use balanced (even though extreme quality purist would argue that balanced equipment means you go through additional ‘unnecessary’ circuitry).

Just buy something, get them out of the box! and plug them in…

+1 from me regarding the use of xlr. it’s definitely a better choice.

I’m going to recommend the other option, 1/4" cables, since it doesn’t look like your delta has XLR inputs? If you do actually have XLR, I would recommend that, 'cause it’s KEWLER, but I don’t think there’s a [major?] difference between the two cables.

True, they dont, but won’t cables that are XLR in one end and 1/4" in the other do the trick?

Will go downtown and buy the cables today, shame seeing the monitors stand there silently.

They would.
But if they for some reason do not have them in stock, then buy jacks with confidence.

The “1/4” on both ends" cables will be much cheaper, I think. :V

I’d buy both, cables are not so expensive, maybe XLR a bit more. And BTW, I like to have backup cables anyway. Now your breakout box doesn’t have balanced output, but you never know if you will get another sound system.

I think the external soundcard supports both balanced and unbalanced ins/outs.

At least that’s what I’ve gathered.