just bought me a 'ducky one ' 1608 , cherry red keyswitches

(gentleclockdivider) #1

Just received a ducky one 1608 mech.Kb, with cherry red keyswitches , absolutely amazing keyboard .

Over usb it gives me a 10+ key rollover …which is good enough ., no problem doing nine/eleventh chords

Awesome build quality , weights just about 1Kg .and some blue keycaps are included

I highly recommmend it …i

(Veggies) #2

I’m a big fan of Ducky, I’m on my 7th keyboard from them. Not because they broke, but because I became something of a keyboard enthusiast.

(gentleclockdivider) #3

I am totally in love with it , n key roll over over usb …absolutly amazing , and cherry red is an amazing switch >

The keycaps are joy to finger :slight_smile:

I was torn between a ducky and a Filco majestouch …which are considered to be the holy grail of Mech.Kb , but a bit to expensive ( around 150 euro )

Anyway , next on the list is a filco ninja ( side printed caps) without the numpad .,