Just Bought Renoise!! Finally... Can I Put On 2 Computers?

I want to put it on Desktop for composing and on my Laptop for live performances. I’m planning to use this heavily in my band. It’s kind of weird avant-garde jazz rock thing with a heavy electronic influence like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Am I aloud to do this?

I’m so excited to finally be using Renoise in it’s full capacity. I love this program, and I’m so excited to finally start working and fully employing it into my compositions. I have a ton of idea’s for this program.

This is a direct quote, from the license.txt, which should be in the folder, for which you installed Renoise.

“The licensee may install the software on as many computers as it wishes for its own use.”

And welcome to the owners club… B)


On a side note, I wanted to add that I just went through the sample packs and I’m actually impressed. While it doesn’t replace Battery 3, it’s pretty damn full and I love all the glitchy stuff and some of the kick drums. It’s a pretty hefty sample library. Makes me so excited to get to work.

In my little world, the renoise drum samples do replace battery 3.

Battery 3 has a 10 gig sample library which is pretty impressive. In terms of sheer numbers Battery 3 wins, there’s just more to work with. That being said, there’s some damn good samples in the 1 gig of stuff you get with Renoise that could easily replace much of what Battery 3 has to offer. Battery 3 is a really nice tool and I’m glad I have it. Although I have huge plans for Renoise. I have some idea’s for it in a live band setting and I think it’s going to take my compositions to a new level.

There is so much good stuff online that you can get for free or a fair price, and you actually don’t even need to do too much effort to trace it.
Besides that the XRNI structure is still not perfect, if the XRNI structure would improve on various other areas like applying envelopes to individual samples, allow more samples per instrument and apply tricks like round robin, then it is much more interesting to consider adding a big sample library.
But don’t forget that Renoise is still download only ware and at an affordable price. And a 10GB samplepack vs. a 30Mb installation pack is quite a difference. 10GB also is quite costly per download, specially when offered for free, so these kind of policies would then probably change to shipping the extra content on DVDs.

Oh hey man I ain’t dissing Renoise. As I said I didn’t expect the sample library to be as awesome as it is. All I was saying is it doesn’t completely replace Battery 3 for me. Nonetheless I haven’t really started working with the Samples in Renoise yet, so for all I know I may use them more! Also, I’m hoping to get one of those portable recorder things and start recording my own samples. We’ll see how that works out! :P

Did you know you can draw your own samples? :P (The sampleeditor seriously has a draw mode though!)

Sounds like renoise should just directly (as in simply drag and drop in the instrument panel list) support SoundFont. Not that the xrni format isnt a noble cause, I like that that global commands like vibrato and glide work on them, I just wished hey worked on soundfonts because the two vstis i have none of those commands work of course. anyway, this is prolly a redundant observation.

Nobody asked for my opinion again but in my little world i prefer the default library contained in the locked up samples and instrument directories. when i tried the larger backstage library including the beatslaughter one (which i still havent found even just 4 samples that strike me for immediate use) I was like ‘why cant i put them in renoise sample directory, it keeps saying i don’t have access?!’ but then i had an epiphany, the sounds that come with the initial install are magic. so sad i can’t put the old amen and apache in there like the older installs had, but thats a different thread…

If you can convert your soundfonts to SFZ, you can try the import format tool from MXB which supports SFZ import:

Regarding the not being able to add sounds to the Renoise library:They get erased if you would update a maintenance release so it is just for your own protection.