Just f****ed Up My Beatbattle Track By Renaming

err, started messing around with the beatbattle sample pack today and made something cheesy…still I’d like to work on it tomorow, finish it and upload it on teh net. I renamed the track in the renoise diskop without typing in the xrns extension. After pressing enter, renoise didn’t recognise the song anymore. I manually added the extension in windows explorer…but wrote in .rns instead of .xrns.

Now when I try to load the track in renoise I get an error notice: ‘unknown or unsupported song filtetype’ ! renaming back to .xrns doesn’t work.

Wtf? all hours wasted, or can it be fixed? I tried opening the song in winrar, and I’ve extracted the bits…unfortunetely the song.xml won’t load in renoise, it says something like the file doesn’t exist.

aaarggh, help a brother out!



ok, I’ve fixed it :)

by opening the file in a hexeditor and saving it without an extension, and manually correcting it in windows explorer again back to .xrns.