Just Introducing Myself...

Hello, just wanted to say hello to everybody. I just got my registered copy of renoise and I’m sure I’ll be in here often during my transition from cubase SX (I think it’s going to hurt). I have been reading a bunch of the threads and this looks like an awesome forum. Just one question- I’m not sure if the current version supports “PDC”, as I have an EMU 1212m and have been starting to use the hardware dsp based effects quite a bit lately (due to uninstalling all my cracked plugs out of wanting to support and be supported- plus I would really be pissed after developing a good app just to see everybody stealing it). Many thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome onboard!! ;)

what you exactly mean by “does it support pdc?”

Plugin Delay Compensation:nopes not yet, but work is being done on this subject, i don’t know it’s progress though, that’s up to Taktik to announce.

ahh, i see… havent heard about that

Cool, well from what I’ve read it seems like you guys tend to get stuff taken care of. I suppose if the plugs don’t work so solid, I’l find some freeware plugs to use in the meantime…

Louis : Are you that Louis who used to make chiptunes and FM-based tunes?

welcome louis.

a workaround for pdc in the meantime is to insert an empty instance of the powerfx plugin into each track you don’t need the emu fx on.
or you create a send channel with one empty instance and use the metadevice ‘*SendDevice’ on the end of each not-delayed track to send the audio to this track.

Nope- not that Louis.

The work-around mentioned, I’m going to have to give it a shot, it shouldn’t cause too much trouble considering that they are dsp basede effects and shouldn’t bog my proc down too much.

I hope the developers get multiple outputs for individual tracks going too as I am a complete kontakt freak. :yeah:

welcome Louis.

Thanks all for the warm welcomes. So, I think I’m starting to get this a little bit, I just need to get the key commands down and getting to grips with hex, it seems pretty much like binary, but singular rather than strings of four. Have never used a tracker before, I always thought it was for the old timers and new guys who did it for novelty purposes (to say they use trackers). But I really am digging the simplicity- some of the limitations are good, when i have too many options i just get so side tracked. Plus It’s not super visual, so I have to work with what I hear- it just seems more gratifying. :)

Welcome to the crew, mate! Yarrrrr! etc. :D

Working with hex (base16) isn’t as brain-destroying as it seems, in fact it’s extremely condusive to music making once it “clicks”.

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22…

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10 11 12 13 14 15 16…

Instead of focusing on how complex it initially seems like “what the f#@!?.. why does 21 equal 15 in hex?!”, focus on the more simpler aspects which should hopefully already be standing out to you.

Important values such as 16, 32, 64, etc. now all fall on multiples of “10” which is quick and easy to work with. Even though both systems involve relatively simple multiplication, what can you figure out quickest in your head: “3 x 16 = …” or “3 x 10 = …” ? Those few milliseconds you save can be spent on making music!

If you’re working with 4/4 music and you want a kick drum on every beat, it’s very easy to see where you need to put them - it’ll always be on 00, 04, 08, 0C, or 10, 14, 18, 1C, or 20, 24, 28, 2C, etc, etc. Again, even if you’re not that great at doing multiplication in your head this is very easy to work with.

Same goes for other stuff like writing in volume commands. 40 is full volume, 20 is half volume, 10 is quarter volume, etc.

Anyway, hang in there. Tracking will become second nature soon enough :D


With a little patience you won’t be needing kontakt anymore in the future, cause the new RNI structure is definately on the working table for total restructuring. When this is being taken is not certain when discussing the short-term but on the longer term this will change one day.

I hear you and hope you guys develope this to a functionality that surpases kontakt, it would be great… but honestly, I’ve been using kontakt since day one- and it would be like losing my right arm if I had to part with it (unless of course you guts put it to shame in terms of funtionality and it’s interface). The drag and drop features and grouping functions are just unsurpassed in anything I’ve ever used, it has some really nice filters as well- scripting is sweet in there, if there is a small function that isn’t in the instruments or effects, I can just grab a script online or code one. Besides, I use a few apps that have multiple output capabilities that I use to the fullest extent, and I’m sure you guys have plenty of users who are just begging for this feature- it’s kinda standard these days to have this type of function available at the users disposal…

dblue: I’m going to have a look at some hex tables online and read up on it, I’m sure I’ll get it down soon enough- it just seems a little crazy when getting into wierd time signatures…
and I think you’ll have 60 bucks in your paypal in the next few days, I was looking through those glitch demo wave files on your site- I’m going to download the demo and check it out. I can’t wait to get some vocals into that plug


Give it some time and you wont regret to know this awesome piece of software.

:guitar: :walkman:

I was looking up hex and tracker tutorials and came across this…


I thought this was a pretty nice little intro to tracking beats for neophytes like me…

This hex shit is starting to sink a little from the few moments I have spent trying to grasp it.

Remember that you can also toggle the pattern row numbering between decimal and hexadecimal if it helps (though effect command values and such will remain as hex).

Configs tab > GUI > Pattern Editor > Positionnumber format.

Also, if you find yourself working with alternate time signatures you can help yourself out a bit more by using the pattern row highlights. For example, you can change it to highlight every 5 lines instead of 4, etc.

Configs > GUI > Pattern Font > Highlight every X lines.

Cool- thank you for the tip… I’m still up to my neck in tutorials though…

I find the hex easiest to try and understand as a relational scale where it relates to music, and I think its easiest to grasp as such; for simple relationships halves and quarters are the method of analysis and sequential more than/less than for more complex patterns, ie, counting in lots of 7’s follows 00 07 0E 15 1C 23 2A 31 38 3F 46 etc etc - I’m sure you’ll agree 7 makes more sense as half of 10 (in hex - ie, 16) minus 1.
After a while it makes you wonder why you bothered trying to figure out the maths behind music within a decimal headspace in the first place.

Some tracking basics are written in “Cools” trackers-handbook. I just HTMLed some parts of it. Especially the “Hex”-Stuff is quite interesting :)


Best regards,


Are the effects commands from the link you gave me universal? Or does Renoise have a different standard- man I got a lot of reading and screwing around to do… so far I can count in hex and convert hex to decimals and vice versa- is this what I need to know or is it beyond that (besides the multiplication)?.. damn, I feel like a baby learning how to walk all over again. I’m going to be up all night reading about all this shit- cause now i don’t have a choice! I completely got rid of cubase- I’m going dual computer with this since renoise doesn’t offer any recording facility and I hate programming with those stupid f****ing little rectangle bars in live’s piano roll- my main computer is doing the sequencing of kontakt, hydra and my v-synth, all outputs are going into my emu 1616 on my laptop to be multitracked in live… I’ve cranked out a couple of little beats that are close to on par with what I was programming in cubase… but the resolution isn’t there, not as complex yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there pretty quick if I keep at it. I was really under the impression that this was going to be some difficult thing to overcome, but it’s actually pretty nice, it reminds me of programming on my rm1x, except for things like drumrolls and portamento and all that look to be a snap once I get the hex deal solid (no shift buttons and a million time consuming sub-menus). :walkman: