Just Purchased Renoise. Very Imressed


When I first began making music on my computer, I used Scream Tracker. Then I moved on to Impulse Tracker and found it to be much better. A couple of years ago the limitations of IT eventually got to me, and I bought Orion Platinum from Synapse Audio and some softsynths. Not too long ago I also got Tracktion, which exels at working with audio (it’s not a tracker though :) ) .

Anyways, after hearing some insteresting stuff about how trackers were getting on in a forum, I downloaded the Renoise demo.

Wow! :dribble: Two days later I registered.

I am very impressed by how the devs have made the art of tracking not a thing of the past, but a viable option for the future.

thanks for your enthusiasm, Breakpete.

Now go on that forum and say the same, please :)