Just Released My First Single - Ascent - For Free!

This is basically my “masterpice”, the result of 4 years of making music, and 20 hours of hard work. Just released it on Bandcamp for free! Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD/LISTEN TO THE FULL VERSION HERE: http://pixelmonster.bandcamp.com/track/ascent

There are some techniques in this production that are really, really on par… The mix sounded good… But* I listens on iPhone ear buds so… I’m reserving my thoughts till I listen on my monitors… Which I will… In a bit. Good stuff, keep makIn music

Sounds good here too. Well done!

! :D Glad you like it! I worked pretty hard on the mixing (but it’d be nice to get some feedback on someone with actual monitors), so thanks for that. Exited to hear what you think using your pumped-up super-speakers!

Its really good, and it put me in a great mood :D :D :D you get an unheard of three smiles for that track.