Just Selecting Delay Column

I wonder if anyone could help me with these 2 questions…

  • I would just like to apply some Humanising to the delay column. is there a quick way to do this…?

  • ive trying using the advanced editor but it seems to effect the volume and pan columns too… this is fine if there is a way to just select the volume/pan column quickly then delete it, but i havent found a way to do this yet…

thanks in advance

yo, just uncheck vol, pan etc. in the boxes and have only dly checked and it should work (=

Right Clicking will select a single Mask so right click on Delay in Content Mask then Cut from Track/Pattern/Song :wink:

…and rightclicking it again will reselect everything.

by the way, the ability to select single columns via cursor has already been suggested and is on the to-do list

that’s good to know, thanks.


excellent, thanks for your help guys.

!! \o/