Just Some Ideas

Firstly i think that renoise needs more built-in DSP. Perhaps some synths and more FX too , definiatly a chorus.
Overall increased modularty (as is always good).
Second i cant find a way to controll bitchbend to VSTs (which is VERY fundamental) and also i cant automate the VST FX (VST generators work fine via the VST automation tool).
I know it isn´t very creative to just complain , cuz in my opion this still is the best tracker around (and i´ve tried em all).
Also i know how u hate people wanting to turn this into another buzz, but a suggestion for increased modularity whould to have some sort of mini built in reaktor-like interface.
The problem this days is since u have to have all these VST to share your mods among others. back in the FT2 days it was all samples and go.
I realize this things i speak of is easier said than done but i think whould bring renoise in a good direction.
Dont try to be what everyone else is being , be uniqe.
Also a graphical mixer could be cool aswell .
(note i have´nt followed the board in long time , maybe much of my ideas are already covered)

Point one: There are great VST plugins that perform chorus actions for you.

Point two: Pitchbend can be controlled using the MIDI effect commands :
http://tutorials.renoise.com/?n=Renoise.EffectCommands (see 9x commands for the panning column bottom of page).

If you can’t figure out how to program them, press escape to put Renoise in record mode, then press right alt (or right command) and just toy with your pitchbend and watch the commands be added in your pattern editor. If they are not added, your MIDI setup isn’t done properly (you need to set your MIDI in-device properly in the MIDI config options)

Point three: You can automate VST fx, add one to a track, then go to the automation window and find all the parameters of the effect in the automation list. They don’t require a specific device to have them automated.

Only the VSTI’s require a VSTI automate device because they are not otherwise controllable through automation. You can pick personal which parameter to use in each of the fourteen automate device drop lists that contain all vsti parameters to set.
If you need to toy with more that 14 parameters at the same time, add another vsti automate device and select the remaining amount of parameters you want to twist as well.

Hopefully it is usefull information.

i have no idea what u´re talking about but i assume u think im a newbie or whatever … my frind i have been tracking since protracker back on amiga … 9 command have always been sample offset (for sample kinda makes sance huh sample-offset … i have tried to get pitchbend and VST (FX stil NOT generator) automation to work … AND yes of course i read the manual … so perhaps u DO want to help me but the u have to explin it REALLY stpe by stpe … cuz usually i´ve VERY good at learning these stuff on my own and i JUST wont work …

furthermore i have to add that my ideas for new featues is´nt dumb at all … cuz i write dsp myself .in reaktor (hav´nt grasped the real way yet) … little disapointed due the lack of /interest/comments i must i add cuz i figure my ideas could open up whole new dimensions to renoise …

Calm down man, nobodys having a go at you.

Automating VST FX

Method 1 (the one I prefer) :

  • Add a VST effect to a channel
  • If the effect has it’s own GUI, click the small down arrow on your VST effect to ‘pop out’ all the parameters into the Renoise GUI
  • Drag any of the sliders with the right mouse button and you’ll see a command appear in the pattern
  • Use this command to change that particular parameter at your leisure
    (note this method wont work properly if the effect has more than 16 parameters as the pattern data only uses one digit (0-F) to address the parameter)

Method 2 :

  • Add a VST effect to a channel
  • Click the Automation Tab
  • Navigate through the tree of folders to find the parameter you want to automate
  • Double click the parameter’s name
  • Draw some graphs

Other stuff you mentioned:

Modular effect routing - yeah that would be nice, but the send channels are good enough for me at the moment.
Mixer View - it’s been discussed and is being worked on (I think).

Yes, you really sound like one in your last post. Anyway, you can do very nice things in renoise, and also the things you mentioned. Please rtfm again and ask questions if you don’t understand what is ment.

check polls. you arent alone…

mentioned a million times

search first. you said it yourself: “(note i have´nt followed the board in long time , maybe much of my ideas are already covered)” all of your 2 ideas were mentioned and voted.

ok guys as u explained it to me it seemed real easy :eek: thx

while im at i also want to ask about how to use pitchbend for vst synth…

Pitchbend for a VSTI is done the same way as for your midi devices, through the effect commands in the pattern editor…
The confusing part for some, is that the 9x commands in the panning column have to be in the most right (sub)track next to the pattern effect column and the referring instrument number (you want to send the pitchbend value to) must also be used in that subtrack.
People tend to forget this specific part, that’s why i always advise to try to record pitchbend values first to see what happens because i cannot see from here how many subtracks are involved and how many instruments are used in the same track simultaneously.

Excerpt from http://tutorials.renoise.com/?n=Renoise.EffectCommands

As for thinking about whoever is a newbie, i don’t have these terms in my mind when answering questions; i just try to help and offer alternatives that already work out.
Some ppl with a tracker-only background don’t always have used VST plugins before so seem to overlook the possibilities in that area, but this is something i can’t see about someone from a feature request.
No hard feelings at all.

thanx for the quick reply … B)

Ok so i managed to get the pitchbend working … unfortunatly i cant get the interpolation in advanced edit to work the numbers … I tried most masking option and it interpolated the effectnumbers but not the commands.
If I had an external keyboard perhaps this whould´nt be an issue , but i use renoise mostly cuz of the abilty to play direct on the pc keyboard.
Anyhow i suggest that the built-in keyboard will be enhanced with PB and perhaps 4 or 8 universal knobs that may be mapped to whatever, perhaps even so this little PB & controller box has induvidual channel set so when u tab around those mapping change respectfully. This could be an extra page next to “Config” perhaps.

Now of course i COULD edit my pitchbend but it takes too effort in the longterm .

Another solotion might be to be able to have automation on the commands also 1 for effectcommands and 1 for values x 4 = 8 envs all in all.

have to redit …

Of course i almost forgot this baby whould also enable u to play your sample (keyjazz) with portamento in different modes auto = porta only for tied note , and full = always . Velocity level isn´t all that nececary but could be usefull feature awell .

Yeah, the interpolation upon MIDI values are a problem because the interpolation routine is based upon the 256 value range and not the 65536 value range.
Next Edition allows you to copy selected contents to the system clipboard and paste them somewhere else.

For instance a utility that does 65536 value interpolation. ;)