Justed Wanted To Say Thx And Merry X-mas!

I have been playing around with 2.5b4 for a couple days and have to say…WOW…its so good it almost feels like cheating!!

Most of the people who produce the kind of music I like use Logic, then maybe Cubase second…

I never even dreamed of using a computer for music until I found out about Renoise last year.

Anybody who knows me will tell you I am a free thinker and like to do things outside of the box(even though now I produce “in the box” but thats another story!). I had never used a sequencer before I tested Renoise out so I didn’t really know the difference between a sequencer interface and a tracker interface. However, I did know that the tracker interface looked sort of underground and cool to me…I was like thats me…lets go against the grain and use this.

Listening to Keith 303 sold me on the idea that I could make the kind of music I wanted to in Renoise(even though know I am aware it is not the tool you but how you use it!).

I have always had faith in Renoise…then 10/10 in CM Mag…now 2.5, with a feature set to rival the big boys…

thx again and well done…looking forward to the release candidate :yeah: