hey everyone i am seeing justice in bristol in about 3 weeks time just wondering if anyone else likes this band? if anyone has seen them play before what are they like and where do they get their distorted samples from? i heard from my friend that most french house bands like daft punk use samples but what samples do they use?


i like Justice alot, and has been interested in theyr sound for some time now.
Watched a Interview with them on a show. LYDVERKET where Gaspard Augé
the second half of the group said that They had been spending a half year
playing around with Distortion and things to come up with the distinct sound
for the album. Another thing is that they also showed Xavier de Rosnay
standing in theyr small basement studio turning knobs on a
MS-20 Korg synth. For the sampling part of the question i dont have a clue.
But my best guess for getting sutch sounds is to sample old 60’s - 70’s
movies and vocal/guitar noises, Distort them like crazy.
Stereo placement/Expantion/Sidechaining has a lot to do with theyr sound


as for doing this stuff for yourself : try atomsplitters distroyr with a compressor/clipper/limiter after that and try feeding whatever you feel like.


one would presume that D.A.N.C.E. initially spawned from their sessions remixing the spears track?


I really like there sound. I have heard some of the samples that they used for the LP…Been trying to get into MicroSampling…Seems like they chop up samples alot more than Daft PUnk. I was just reading an article on them in some magazine, it seems they use Cubase and Garage Band for the LP…Seems like to chop up samples in Cubase or Garageband would be very time consuming compared to using renoise.

daft punk don’t chop samples. Wonder where you got that idea from. They just loop and loop and loop and loop.

HEREis the interview i mentioned earlier on.

Friday night. WORK BREAK, and loading Battery.
Have fun folks! and remeber. Time is of the essence!

Seeing Justice tomorrow in Bristol and I am looking forward to it :dribble:

you are a lucky man. have lots of fun.

i like justice but somehow their sound feels very much like a light version of surkin

I think Justice put out a nice album, good sound, distortion,… and good tracks. I saw them deejaying at Dour festival. Which was not a very memorable thing. But I must admit that their live perfomance at I Love Techno 2007 was entertaining. But not above average.
I guess they’ve been too hyped.

last night was amazing they put on an amazing show they were really entertaining and kept pleasing the crowd, they mixed up their songs loads which was a positive thing. My only disappointment from last night is though that at the end when they left I fell asleep outside the women’s toilets waiting for my girlfriend and I got kicked in the mouth by some random guy and now I have the fattest lip possible! And it was absolutely packed with people so it was also a hot sweaty night lol and I was speaking to a guy who looked like one of the duo (and he was french) and being the drunken fool I was I talked to him for half an hour about their music thinking he was in the band lol